Heavy Duty Commercial Aerators

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Model 420 Model 630 Model 840 Model 1050
Hight 24" 24" 24" 24"
Length 23.5" 23.5" 23.5" 23.5"
Width 42" 63" 84" 105"
Weight 300 lbs. 410 lbs. 480 lbs. 600 lbs.
Coring Width 39" 60" 81" 102"
# Spoon wheels 8 Std 12 Std 16 Std 20 Std
# Spoons (tines) 48 Std 72 Std 96 Std 20 Std
Coring pattern 5"x9.5" Std 5"x9.5" Std 5"x9.5" Std 5"x9.5" Std
Tractor required 20 hp 24 hp 34 hp 34 hp

General Aerator Specifications

  • Construction: Welded steel, 1.5"x1.5" solid square bar
  • Available Hitches: Cat. 1 3-point OR tow-behind draw bar hitch
  • Main Shaft: 1" diameter
  • Aerating Wheels: All-steel construction, temper-hardened spoons
  • Spoon Wheel Bearings: Greasable, oil-impregnated for longer life
  • Coring Depth: Up to 4", depending on soil conditions
  • Protector Shield: Heavy steel mesh, standard on all models